How OTSA Can Help

If your company is looking to increase export sales, participating in exhibitions can put you face to face with the buyers that matter.

OTSA is a full service company that can work with you right through the process from selecting the right exhibition to all aspects of your stand design and participation.

OTSA represents a wide range of market leading exhibitions across a broad span of industries and countries. Whether you work in aerospace or agriculture, building & construction or interior design, transport or travel, food, drink or hospitality we may have a show to help you export.

We represent exhibitions in more than 16 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and North & South America, but their market reach covers a global audience of buyers and decision makers.

To source an exhibition that matches your ambitions you can search our portfolio by industry, country or date. If you find the right show for your company, contact us and we will help you to make your participation as successful and stress free as possible.

OTSA can help you with

Selecting the right exhibition(s) for your target markets
Choosing the right size and location of your stand
Exploring the availability of government subsidies
Finding the best stand design and construction
Shipping your products from your office right to your stand
Booking travel and

Services & Partners

Providing a seamless service to our clients to ensure successful, trouble-free participation is an integral part of the OTSA service. We have teamed up with the independent companies in regards to helping you with:

Freight &
Logistics Services

Bolloré Logistics

Trade Associations

With a strong presence in a number of industries, the OTSA team coordinates national group stands at premier industry events in partnership with leading trade associations – and often with the support of several partners.

We work closely with the relevant government bodies for each show that we represent to ensure the best possible opportunities for our exhibitors. Once we understand your marketing goals, we can identify the most relevant business event to suit your corporate needs and objectives. We will also help to source financial subsidies or grants and will assist your company with gaining these.

  • France

Business France
Chambers of Commerce

  • Belgium

Flanders Investment and Trade (FIT)
Agence wallonne à l’exportation et aux investissements étrangers (AWEX)
Brussels Export

  • Netherlands

Task Force

Our team also works closely with Embassies and Trade Commissions in each country to ensure companies obtain the maximum support available to them before, during and after the event. The team leads national groups to many of the world’s most prominent exhibitions with great success.

If you are interested in finding out more please get in touched with us today.

How To Exhibit

FaceTime is the promotional body for face-to-face marketing. Think Events, Exhibitions and Experiential marketing. It was founded in early 2010 to provide expertise and guidance for marketers and businesses, explaining why and how face-to-face marketing works and to get the very best out of it.

Be Prepared

The better prepared you are before and during an exhibition – the more results you will have afterwards. Here are a few pointers to take onboard:

Set measurable objectives
Write down exactly what you wish to achieve when exhibiting. e.g. 150 qualified sales leads.

Choose the right exhibition
Select the exhibition that attracts the visitors you want to meet.

Design your stand to meet your objectives
Good stand design helps deliver your exhibition objectives.

Train, train, train
80% of the success of your stand is down to your staff SO TRAIN THEM.

Talk to strangers
At an exhibition there is no time to be be shy - speak to everyone.

Can I help you?
Not a good opening question as the answer is almost always NO. Ask open questions that require more than a one word answer.

You must must must record and classify all your leads.

Use a mobile, eat on the stand, sit down, have your back to the aisle, have a messy stand or have cheap tacky giveaways.

If you don't follow-up your leads then there is no point to exhibit. Make sure you follow-up all your leads at least six times after the show.

You can find more information on or contact OTSA directly if you have decided to take your business to the next level.